Insane in the Membrane

July 16, 2009

writers block

I am absolutely clueless on what to blog about. I envy fellow blogger friends who seems to have a never-ending supply of topics to tantalize, taunt and tease their readers. You know who you are. Pffft! I hechewww. But here I am…clueless. Clueless, clueless, clueless. Clueless.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s struck with a severe case of writer’s block? *sniff*. You do nothing really. Just mulch and roam about  the face of this Earth looking for an inspiring muse, or interesting topics to blog about. But no such luck. Am deep in the void. Can someone throw me some ideas on what you want me to write about?

All there is in my train of thoughts are pretty much limited to my intense grief over Michael Jackson’s passing, whereabouts of new places to eat, Michael Jackson, Arleya’s toilet-training progress, kambing, Michael Jackson, Edward Cullen, and Michael Jackson. Don’t even ask.

Maybe because most of my writings are limited to 140 characters these days, kot? I find it easier to jot down my mundane activities through Twitter. No need for lengthy paragraphs of jottings and such, I felt. So please, blame Twitter. (but if you wish to be bored with my kambing stories, or my frequent emotional laments over the death of the awesome King of Pop, look up Twitter for ‘azr3na’. Teehee! Self-promotion sekejap).

By the way, I found this fact fascinating. Do you know that we humans are incapable of licking our own elbow?!

*juts out jaw and mash elbow to face*….a’ah, tak boleh la.

So there.

Oh, and I recently gorged on awesome, awesome durians. Took me 2.5 hours to be satiated. That very night, I was like a cat primed for mating. Heaty yo!

So there again.

Crap. I am in a dire need of more INTELLIGENT, THOUGHT-PROVOKING topics to write about. Help me.


7 Responses to “Insane in the Membrane”

  1. I get writer’s block too – hence the reason why I rarely update my other blog ( I only update when:

    1. something BIG is about to happen in my life;
    2. when I want to talk abt politics (tak puas hati);
    3. when I want to bitch about the office; and
    4. when I want to write about my wife and kids.

    To simply put it, the blog on MSN is more of a private journal where I keep important dates/incidents in my life.

    On blogspot however, I only focus the topics about my passion for photography. I think it’s easier to write about something if you have a deep interest in the subject matter. Also, i use it to help me improve – based on comments made and ‘links’ back to my flickr account.

    Sorry abt MJ. Me and wifey was sad too. I personally think that he is the best and no one can ever replace him as the undisputed king of pop. RIP, mike.

    Oh yeah, I’m now following you on twitter (since there was an open invitation on your article) 😉

  2. crash test mom Says:

    since when does blogging have to be thought provoking? if that’s the case, then i’d fail miserably.

    will look out for u on twitter 🙂

  3. raggedyanne Says:

    i feel like that all the time when i’m having a blogger’s block, mcm nothing significant or something original to write about. and like your fool proof remedy for everything, feels like nak cabut the whole head. but twitter fills that void doesn’t it? gives u more instantaneous gratification, tak yah pening2 draft blog post.

  4. babybooned Says:

    i sometimes think my life was mundane and everyone else’s life must be so syok coz they always right great things.

    tapi who says whats mundane to us is mundane to other people..?

    ok i have no idea what i’m blabbering about, so there.

    hope the block passes soon!

    p/s: u could always talk about the one foolproof topic… FOOD!

  5. Cyn Says:

    I am interested in using the cartoon at the beginning of this blog for a presentation on writer’s block. Would you mind emailing me some information about it.


  6. Bedah Jonet Says:

    Oh no please the last thing I need is more intelligent,thought-provocative entries.

    I like your blog because it’s simple and funny and entertaining.

    Keep it up! 😉

  7. batusurya Says:

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